The Sun Comes Up

The Sun Comes Up is a dynamic song varying between ambient mystery and driving techno. The lyrics are a message of hope to those facing an uphill battle. No matter how unbearably dark today may be, the sun will always come up tomorrow.



We all have enemies

Yours may be fortune

Lady luck seems angry

She just needs her medicine


Its hard to see the light

When you’re feeling broken

Though we all yearn for peace

Live seems to be at war


When the sky gets dark

And your life seems hard

If you feel you’ve failed

Don’t despair yet


As the light returns

In the reflection

You can see yourself

As you truly are


And in the darkest storm

Even tides can turn

If you close your eyes

And remember


The sun comes up


Strength can come from a fall

Though now you feel vulnerable

Look inside and see

Your true humanity

There’s time to take a knee

But don’t accept defeat

All pain will pass with time

But the truth remains

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