Glitter is the first song on the NDE album Cognitive Dissonance released in August 2016. The song has a laid-back dance tempo with electronic swells to add emotion.


The sun bleeds its final life beat red
Like my own eyelids but a wakening washes over me
I know
The night calls, and a hunger’s deep inside me
Thirsty for a fire and a far, far, ways from home
And as we grow older we will never be the same, again
Your little innocent smile has turned into a chesire moon
And it’s waning too fast
You gotta keep your enemies close
But not as close as your lovers since they fade away
They glitter then they’re gone
Some will say that we’re only known through our sins
But the forefront of sin-cerity gives the devil its due
I lost control, or control just ran away
I can’t remember but we’re better long distance friends
Or at least he tells me
Now I see you, and I’m wondering if he lost you too
Don’t you worry, take my hand and I’ll keep you safe
For now
‘Cause from yourself, with me, you might be in danger
But just like glitter, we’ll shine and then we’ll fade away
As we fall together

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