First Donation Given from Cognitive Dissonance Sales

We are excited to announce that we were able to make the first donation to charity from proceeds from our album Cognitive Dissonance today. The $100 donation was given to Mainspring Academy here in Jacksonville, Florida. Mainspring Academy is a private school that does amazing work with special needs individuals. It isn’t a ton of money, but it’s a start. We’re hoping to continue to build our audience so we can do more moving forward. For more information, check out our charities page. If you like our music, please help out by introducing others to our work who may also enjoy it 🙂

Have a wonderful day!

Josh Mitchell and Jeff Hill

Near Deaf Experience

Photo Above: Josh Mitchell, Garrett Adamson, Dr. Katie Falwell, Jeff Hill


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  1. Jeff, please tell me how I can do this, to help out. I’m not so savvy about this stuff!!! 🙂 I would love to help! I look at all your stuff, but just don’t know what to do :/

    1. The most direct way would be to just donate to Mainspring Academy here:

      Also, whenever people listen to our music on platforms like Spotify or Apple Music, we get a small royalty that can add up over time if we are able to build our audience. If we sell albums through any of digital distributors (CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon, Google music, etc.) we get a good portion of that money.

      We are always trying to reach more people and build our audience so future releases can have a wider impact. Anything that helps get our music pushed out to more people has positive potential in our view 🙂

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